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Intending a ONEderFul, Magnificent, LOVEing Day... 
Always ‘Be/Think/Talk/Act’ in a Loving/Positive Way!

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Two Videos Produced May 18, 2014

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True Nature of Reality = Quantum LOVE
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All Questions... in this video... plus many many many Others are answered about the ‘True Nature of Reality’.
(‘Questions‘ is a Video Link.)

 "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to Truth; not going all the way, and not starting."  Buddha - Philosopher (563 - 483 BC)

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Leonardo da Vinci - Artist (1452 - 1519) 

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names."  Chinese Proverb 
(Easy to say... hard to do.)

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."  Plato - Philosopher (427 - 347 BC)

Most important 7 Minutes on Many of ONE.

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- 22 Quantum Mastery Stages... or Being Quantum/ONE
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Current Popular Webpages.
Link to English as the Energy Language... all 26 letters explained.
22 Quantum Mastery Stages - Detail

The Essence/Summary of all 404 Many of ONE webpages...
We Are Quantum.  

Creation has existed for 2 Super Cycles.... 0.2% of 100.0%.
Many of ONE covers the last 1,001 Super Cycles... 100.0%.

2of11 Essential Topics...
11 Item Recipe    Advanced Quantum Healing (with link to FaceLift Video)

9of11 Essential Topics.
Equal    Timing    Endless Process of ONE, only top 2 Sections    Communication & Experience
Photon    Inner Knowing    Centering    Opposites/Ego    God

Your focus will be on Behavior Change, activating your Re-circuitry Process.
(Behavior Change by One... becomes Culture Change for Many!)

When every word below 'sings to you', U have already Soared.

-   ONE, PS0, Endless, no beginning
-   Quantum Unique Potential... or
                 Quantum Unique Actual

                 Pure Balance is always required
                 Experience Filaments

                 Quantum Power of 2 4 8
                    All Quantum’s Equal

-   Peace, PS4, 600 Super Cycles to this Point

-   Harmony, PS5, 750 Super Cycles to this Point

-   Intent
-   Igo, I Am
-    Socratic, Soaring/Inner Knowing, Expansive
-   Magnificence, PS6, 900 Super Cycles to this Point

-   Mobilizing for Experience, PS7, 910 Super Cycles 

-   Perfection, PS8, 920 Super Cycles to this Point

-   Potential/Asymmetry, PS9,  930/940 Super Cycles to this Point

-   Pure LOVE, PS10, 950 Super Cycles to this Point

-   LOVing Experiences, PS11, 996 Super Cycles to this Point

-   Creation/Emotions/Ego/Reductive, PS17, 998 Super Cycles  

-   Unmastered Emotions block Pure LOVE
-   Raise Vibrations, 100% X-Factor  

-   Pure Mature LOVE
-   Ego, eventually our ultimate navigation tool, better navigation than 
     Igo/PS6, PS20, 
     1,000 Super Cycles to this Point

-   USE Ego Strength, not Strong Ego, and/or Big Ego, 
      and/or Weak Ego to become Pure Mature LOVE

-   LIVE LOVE... Inner Knowing, and/or Knowing, 
    not Ego/Brain/Gut 

-   Do nothing.... or Go ‘Inside’ and  SOAR... 
     ... End Times  FAQ on End Times       
     ... Behavior Change required  FAQ on Behavior Change

      by Ascending, or Centering, 
     or Scaling Mount Magnificence... 
      ... Words versus Actions

-   Anti-matter Quantum’s, 2x Healing Power of ‘Matter Quantum’s’
-   Stability of your Quantum Fields by gaining 
    Mastery of Ego and Emotions

-  Quantum Mastery/Balance/LOVE.

-   Your Name Goes Here, PS20, just beyond 
      1,001 Super Cycles to this Point

For almost all the other people in your life.

Discuss the importance of... Always ‘Be/Think/Acting’ in a 
Loving/Positive Way!

Best not to discuss any of the contents on Many of ONE... with them.

It will frustrate, if not turn them off... at best, they will label you as wild, 
weird and wacky.  Worse, they might think you as ‘evil’.... where readers
of Many of ONE know that... ‘evil’ is simply ‘live’ spelled backwards.

Until their Questions, not your questions... require mention of Many of ONE, 
talk about the importance of remaining Loving/Positive...  
... and that they are Magnificent.

After witnessing initial Behavior Change.. by the Questions they Ask...
To start, pick one of four topics.  During future days add a second topic... wait.  

This entire process may require 1 year... may require more than five years.  Wait and see!

1- How to purify food using your hands.
2- How to heal headaches using your hands.
3- Everyone in Creation is Unique.
4- Everyone in Creation is of Equal Potential.

COMMUNICATIONS Group of webpages
Hollow Earth Network
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Searching Many of ONE websites.
The best known Search Approach is to Google manyofone new frequencies or manyofone new joy.  Use manyofone new all the time... then add your word or phrase of interest... like ‘frequencies’ or ‘joy’.

Navigation, This is the first page of the “book”.
At the bottom of each webpage you will find NextTopic>>>.  All webpages are logically sequenced... so reading one webpage after another is an easy approach... as easy as reading a “book”.

Socratic... the key to Soul Mastery & Soaring
(Your Soul is not your Spirit.)
These 11 webpages may be over your head, but they are in the Center of your Heart.
(The eleven webpages have ‘any to any’ links at the bottom of each webpage.)

(BG is Background.)

BG, Equal
BG, Timing
1- We Endless Process of ONE, PS#
BG,16 Qualities of Communication & Experience, Socratics
2- We Photon
3- We Inner Knowing, Soaring to Soul Mastery
4- We Centering
5- We Healing
6- We Individual Ascension Process, Socratic FAQs on Ascension
BG, Opposites/Ego
BG, God

Link to Radio Events

Other early reading, KEY webpages
English Describes LOVE


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“We are Gods and Goddesses.”
“Greetings beloved Master!”


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We are ONE LOVE having trillions of unique experiences
We are Many of ONE

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“Many of ONE” is about LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.